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Student Groups


These groups were created for students in order to get them to help each other to solve difficult questions and share their opinions and inquiries. All groups in this list are under the supervision of the site. It is forbidden to take your conversations away from the topic (which is Studying in case you missed that). Advertisements are prohibited. In case of offense against you by one of the members, you can contact the supervisor. Conversations are also prohibited in the event that some institution or a university conducts an online exam related to the subject. repeated messages make it difficult to reach a conclusion, so discussions must be short. summarize your Q/A as much as possible and, if you face any issue you can refer to the administrator @BilimBoardAdmin.

YOS Group/ Math

YOS Group/ Geometry

YOS Group/ I.Q

YOS Group/ Math Problems

SAT Group/ Grammar

SAT Group/ Math

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