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What is YOS

Last Updated 09/06/2021

What is YOS ?

Known as YÖS in Turkish, which is an abbreviation for (Yabancı uyruklu öğrenci sınavı), the foreign student exam, it is a local exam required to enter most Turkish universities for undergraduate and graduate studies only.

The YOS exam was held for the first time in 1981 at the request of the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey, as a prerequisite for foreign students wishing to study in Turkish universities, especially the famous and prestigious ones.

The exam was conducted under the supervision of the ÖSYM Center, and the questions were unified for all universities that required the Yös exam for university admission. ÖSYM continued to supervise the Yös exam until 2010, and since 2011 Turkish universities have become the supervisors of their Yös exam, as each university held its own Yös exam. Some of them accept certificates issued by other universities and some of them accept only the certificate issued by the same university, and some of the Turkish universities that never hold the YOS exam accept high school, but it is preferable to have a YOS exam certificate from one of the universities to increase the chance of admission.

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Does the high school diploma is important with the YOS certificate?

We cannot deny its importance, but the YOS certificate is what is mainly considered during the evaluation of admission and the high school certificate comes second.

As for the exam content, it is generally 80 questions distributed between geometry, mathematics and IQ questions, and of course there are very few universities that add cultural questions, physics and chemistry questions, so it is preferable to review the content and information of each exam before registering for it.

As for the duration of the exam, the duration varies from one university to another, but it is often either 100 minutes or 120 minutes for 80 questions, and this varies according to the university’s decision, and that period may increase or decrease.

Is the YOS exam free?

No, as for the cost, as we mentioned previously, after the Turkish universities got independent with the YOS exam, the cost of the exam has become different from one university to another and from year to year.

What are the dates for applying for the YOS exam? How do I register?

You can access all the details related to the exam via the YOS calendar, which is periodically updated to keep you posted.

Is there a specific curriculum to study from? And how long do I need?

No, there is no specific curriculum, but the two most famous curriculums that are used among students are Metropol and Puza, but in recent years they are no longer enough according to the testimony of a lot of students, meaning that the student may need other sources.

As for the period needed to prepare for the exam, it is approximately 7 months, and the period varies according to the capabilities of each student, as it may increase or decrease.

Is there any dedicated institution that prepares students for the exam?

There are many different institutes in Turkey specialized in teaching students to prepare them for the exam, as well as electronic platforms.

As for the free resources, there are many channels on YouTube, whether in Turkish or Arabic, as well as the YÖSTEK application and other sources… These sources may be sufficient depending on the student’s level and ability to self-study.

In conclusion, we must not forget to add a very important note, which is the periodic experimental tests and solved university questions of the previous years. These tests are very, very important in determining the level of the student and developing his ability to solve quickly.

Batoul Hamza


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